Baruch is a project about a group of men, women and children living in Baruch Houses, the largest housing project in Manhattan, New York with over five thousand people in 17 buildings.  Life here has never been easy, with many residents living below the poverty line. The pandemic has created a new level of challenge for their community.

David at his mother Carmine's apartment.  David is one of three sons of Carmine.

A view of Baruch Houses from the Williamsburg Bridge.

Lorraine's room in her apartment in Baruch Houses.  Lorraine has four children--Pete, Jasmine, Anthony and Mark.

Lorraine with her son Anthony in his room.

Carmine with her son David.  David lives in the same building as Lorraine and her family.

In the bathroom at Lorraine's home.  Mark, one of her sons, is also an artist.

Pete fast asleep in the stairwell at 120 Columbia Street in Baruch Houses.  Pete is the eldest son of Lorraine.

Pete's notebook spotted in the stairwell.

Jasmine in her room one afternoon.  Jasmine is the daughter of Lorraine.

Ceiling in Lorraine's room with plugs put in during Hurricane Sandy.

Pete cheering for healthcare workers at 7pm during the pandemic.

Carmine in her apartment.  

Pete's friend Pablo getting ready for his evening walk.  Pablo is a single man who is an immigrant from Dominican Republic.

Tony walking his dogs on Columbia Street during the pandemic.  Tony lives in the project.

Jasmine Valentin donning one of the masks she made during the pandemic.

Pete Valentin in the landing of the roof deck at 120 Columbia Street.

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